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Our Research Topics

5G NetSEC TelcoTrans IOT

Navigating the IoT Wireless WAN Connectivity Labyrinth

In March 2016, we published our latest research to investigate the labyrinth of wireless wide area network (WWAN) technologies that are available and being developed for IoT devices. Today the over half of the almost 300 million IoT devices that have WWAN connectivity subscriptions use GSM/GPRS, and mobile operators have treated IoT as a niche technology. However this is changing, with the proliferation of Low Power Wireless Access (LPWA) solutions and feverish 3GPP standardization activity.

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5G Aims to be the Chameleon Technology for Wireless

The new “hype-child” of the mobile industry is 5G, with technology vendors, mobile operators and even Nation States, including the Japan, South Korea and the United States, vying for a leadership role in bringing it to market – even before it is standardized in the 2020 time-frame. In contrast to 4G, which is focused primarily on enabling increased bandwidth, 5G aims to be a “chameleon” technology, which anticipates the diverse demands of wireless services.

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Decision Maker: Wireless WAN Network Connectivity for IoT

Tolaga's "IoT Wireless WAN Connectivity" Decision Maker allows Enterprises and Systems Integrators to investigate the trade-offs between technologies, including 2G-GSM, 3G-UMTS/HSPA, 4G-LTE-A, and LTE-M1 and M2, SigFox, LoRa, Ingenu, Silver Spring, and Telensa. The relative strengths of each technology is assessed in the context of technical and service requirements and priorities. The Tool complements Tolaga's research report entitled:Navigating the IoT Wireless WAN Connectivity Labyrinth
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The Changing Face of Professional and Managed Services

Today, as network infrastructure vendors pursue professional and managed services opportunities with CSPs, they are confronted with an industry that is transforming itself. This transformation is widely documented and necessary for CSPs to cope with unprecedented customer demands and competition from existing and emergent players. It is also driven by the saturation of traditional markets, the digitization of consumer and enterprise services and growing interest in disruptive technologies like the Internet-of-Things (IoT)....

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Operationalizing Mass-Market Small-Cell and DAS Adoption

In June 2016, we published our latest research to investigate strategies for accelerating the small-cell and DAS adoption. Even though there is pent up demand for mobile network coverage and capacity and small-cells and DAS have benefited from tremendous technology innovation, they have seen lack-luster market adoption. Many industry pundits attribute this to challenges with site acquistion and backhaul. However we believe that the problems with small-cell and DAS adoption are more systemic, and a consequence of macro-cellular centric operational models that are not well suited for DAS and small-cells.

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Wireless Without a License: The Growing Role of Unlicensed Spectrum in Mobile

Unlicensed spectrum for wireless connectivity is on the increase. Obviously Wi-Fi is prolific and is by far the dominant technology used for data connectivity, but there are other emerging unlicensed spectrum technologies that have growing importance to the mobile industry. These include: LTE-Unlicensed, Millimeter Wave, Voice-over-WiFi (VoWiFi) and Low Power Wireless Access (LPWA). While LTE-Unlicensed and Millimeter Wave technologies are being driven primarily by the mobile industry, they create new opportunities for business model innovation and a catalyst for mobile operator transformation to address challenges such as small-cell site acquisition. With VoWiFi and LPWA mobile operators and other industry players have the opportunity to create better alignment between the technical, commerical and operational demands of telephony and IoT services.

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Soon to be Published

Identity Management – An analysis of the technical and business model implications of embedded SIM

The SIM card was a genius invention in its time and will be used for identity management and access control for many years to come. Traditionally SIM card hardware distribution has been used by network operators as a means of managing mobile subscriptions. However, this approach is proving inadequate for complex ecosystems such as those associated with IoT, culminating in the standardization of embedded SIMs. Embedded SIMs simplify the supply chain and distribution of IoT devices by enabling operator profiles to be programmed over-the-air. Devices can be programmed with the profile of a single operator, or multiple service providers, potentially including those for over-the-top players. This topic will investigate embedded SIM technology, the business models that it enables and those that it disrupts.

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Industry Events


MWC-2016 Showcases Mobile Industry Transformation

Tolaga attended Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February, and as expected, MWC continued to lived up to its reputation as a bastion for mobile industry transformation, when over one hundred thousand delegates converged on the Fira in Barcelona. This year there was a sense of urgency, almost desperation... Read More