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Navigating the IoT Wireless WAN Connectivity Labyrinth

In March 2016, we published our latest research to investigate the labyrinth of wireless wide area network (WWAN) technologies that are available and being developed for IoT devices. Today the over half of the almost 300 million IoT devices that have WWAN connectivity subscriptions use GSM/GPRS, and mobile operators have treated IoT as a niche technology. However this is changing, with the proliferation of Low Power Wireless Access (LPWA) solutions and feverish 3GPP standardization activity....

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Coming Soon: 5G Aims to be the Chameleon Technology for Wireless

In April 2016, Tolaga will be publishing its latest research to investigate the commercial and technical underpinnings of 5G. While 5G is still in its formative stages and it yet to be standardized, a great deal of work has already been done to identify 5G use cases and technology solutions. In the past 3G and 4G have aimed to extract more bandwidth efficiency, capacity and data speeds from the available radio spectrum. In contrast, 5G needs to be a “chameleon” technology which can adapt to differing demands....

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Industry Events


MWC-2016 Showcases Mobile Industry Transformation

Tolaga attended Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February, and as expected, MWC continued to lived up to its reputation as a bastion for mobile industry transformation, when over one hundred thousand delegates converged on the Fira in Barcelona. This year there was a sense of urgency, almost desperation... Read More