Our Company

Tolaga Research is a leading global industry research firm for Mobile and Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions. Tolaga brings decades of industry experience and leading software analytics tools to deliver unique research insights, which are based on three key tenets:

Infomation is abundant, but needs careful interpretation
Intelligent interpretation and analysis are crucial for accurate insights. Tolaga prides itself in its ability to sythesize complex concepts so that they be easily analyzed from technical, regulatory and commercial perspectives.

Useful insights commonly traverse information silos
Tolaga uses clever techinques and systemic analyses to traverse information silos and investigate the dynamics across ecosystem boundaries.

Solutions must empower clients
Tolaga's reports and software platforms empower our clients to extract unique market insights for competitive advantage

Our Company Name

Tolaga Research is named after Tolaga Bay, which is located on the east coast of New Zealand. New Zealand is the closest country to the International Dateline, and Tolaga Bay is one of the first places in the world to see the new day. Tolaga Bay is located in a relatively remote area in New Zealand which for many years could only be accessed by boat.
Sheep and cattle farmers in this region relied upon ships to transport their stock. Since Tolaga Bay has a shallow draft, it has a 660 meter warf extending into the harbor and towards the eastern sunrise.

Tolaga Research is placed at the leading edge of technology analysis and has unique techniques and solutions to be the first to recognize critical market dynamics.